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Become a reseller of domains, hosting and e-certified

The reseller program is created with the aim to make a board of professionals to turn to for internet services with quality standards well above the supermarket's website, which is now at the expense of quality, safety and 'elasticity, offering web services very enjoyable, with no added value and without offering the ability to manage its customers with complete autonomy.

Benefits of registration

  • no registration cost
  • dealer immediately became
  • reserved price
  • prices down (by volume)
  • I pay only what they purchase
  • I can record and sell the world's most popular domains
  • I sell windows hosting, linux, multi-platform (asp.net, php, coldfusion)
  • I can sell "sin" certified e-mail
  • I can have my reseller (owners of the website)
  • I can manage services and customers in complete autonomy
  • my customers can receive service email with my references
  • my contacts are advertised on the site in my city
  • I can get free advice by telephone with a dedicated operator
  • registration procedures, transfer and renewal automated
  • I have my own site for the resale of domains & hosting
  • I have my own website in Italian, English and Spanish
  • I have reached my own site to my web address as: http://www.tuonome.it http://hosting.tuonome.it or "choice"
  • I have my logo on the site and webmail
  • I get smtp and pop3 with my references as: pop3.tuonome.it
  • if I keep at least 10 domains on the server, I get my free hosting
  • Optional services

Services can be managed in full autonomy

By registering you can manage and complete autonomy for all your customers the following services, without having to open support ticket:

  • dns
  • ftp
  • imap
  • pop3
  • smtp
  • webmail
  • database
  • migrazione hosting
  • gestione servizi aggiuntivi
  • server dedicati
  • server virtuali

In addition you can customize with their references, e-mail messages to send to customers, with respect to maturities, renewals and domain registration, with a few clicks and at no cost.

Optional Services

Upon request and 'e-commerce site available for the resale of domains, hosting, and server certified mail, with your domain and your brand eg http://hosting.tuonome.it or www.tuonome.it. and also 'can also customize with your references, Webmail, panel management, smtp and pop3 example smtp.tuonome.it and pop3.tuonome.it.

Package email:

Customization - SMTP, POP3, Webmail, panel management

Website Package:

Customisation - E-commerce, custom domain name, logo on website

Additional discounts from list resellers to holders of all inclusive package. * And 'other resellers can manage only with the all inclusive package.

Web platforms avalaible

  • Windows Server 2008 x64 platform for asp.net 4.0
  • Windows Server 2003 x64 platform for asp.net 3.5
  • platform for Linux apache2 php, perl, cgi
  • multiplatform Windows 2003 Server (asp.net 3.5, php, perl, cgi, coldfusion)

Database platforms available

  • microsoft sql 2008 enterprise x64 platform
  • microsoft sql 2000 enterprise x32 platform
  • platform mysql
  • oracle platform (coming soon)
  • you can request more information to our contacts.

Tolink ISP by Hosting Up

VAT: 04569470653
Registered Office: Via Luigi Guercio, 15 - ZIP code 84127 Salerno (SA) - Italia
Phone: +39 089 9358192
Fax: +39 089 9358193
E-Mail: info@tolink.it

Windows Hosting

TOSTART 250 MB 10 Email

TOPROF 500 MB 50 Email

TOCOM 1000 MB 100 Email

Hosting 2008 Server ASP.NET 4.0

Linux Hosting

TOSTART 250 MB 10 Email

TOPROF 500 MB 50 Email

TOCOM 1000 MB 100 Email

Hosting Joomla! Linux

Hosting WordPress Linux

Multiplataform Hosting

ASP.NET PHP CFusion 100 mb

ASP.NET PHP CFusion 250 mb

ASP.NET PHP CFusion 500 mb