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E-mail certified (PEC)

The PEC is a legally binding instrument of communication, bringing in its certification functions relating to data transmission of an "electronic envelope", with date and time of transmission.

Can be used as an alternative to other forms of communication with legal value (such as return receipt requested), directly from your computer, or via the Web, without having to travel physically to a post office.

It can then be used by anyone who needs an instrument of official communication and reliable:

  • private, recommended as an alternative to A / R post
  • companies, the discharge of their functions (calls, transfer files, send circular), from clients (sending invoices, contracts) to general government (tribute)
  • public relations with their users, the sending of tax notices agency / company, etc.
  • government in performing the work, in relationships with citizens and businesses.

also, recently came into force Law 28 January 2009 No. 2, which makes it mandatory for some people, communicate your Email address Pec Chamber of Commerce.


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